I initially came to Rachel because I was carrying this incredible existential guilt. I was carrying it for a long time, unsure of its source and it was affecting a lot of my important decisions. Different therapeutic modalities never worked. 
The relief I got from the crystal dreaming was valuable. Since seeing Rachel almost a year ago I no longer carry the burden of guilt and live life quite freely with more clarity in my everyday decisions. 
I highly recommend seeing Rachel if you have feelings that seem to be unexplainable and don’t have an obvious attainable origin. Rachel is trauma informed, holds space with so much peace, compassion and kindness that she allows the session to unfold and integrate safely

Abby Kneipp


Wow, where to begin with this magical woman… Having a crystal healing session with Rachel was one of the most powerful healing sessions i have EVER had in my life. It was so safe, so empowering and so deeply magical.. It has truly impacted me in noticeable ways and in so many subtle ways.. After the session, my energy levels and connection to myself, my heart and my dreams in life was so alive and clear. Rachel holds such a deep space of safety, integrity and love. She is an incredibly rare soul with the ability to take you on a deep inner journey and help you to clear out anything that is preventing you from stepping fully into your power, purpose and light. I highly recommend this woman if you are seeking to be held in your highest potential and to deepen the connection you have with yourself, this universe and your aligned path.. I have tears in my eyes writing this, because after this session, i have had one of my soul’s gifts drop into my space that i am cultivating and bringing to other people.. This session has cleared out blockages, trauma and created so much more spaciousness within me for what i want. I feel so deeply held by life and by my guides. Rachel you are a true angel and powerful medicine woman. I am forever grateful for you. Gift yourself with a session with Rachel, it could change your life x

Desmond Mintern

Blackburn, Victoria

My journey with Rachel as my practitioner in Crystal Dreaming has been amazing. To experience the lives I once lived and the places I lived in, is truly eye opening. Seeing what happened in previous lives has given me understanding of some difficulties in this life. On one occasion, I received profound guidance from the Karmic Council about my daughter. To be shown what our soul has been through, makes us realize there is much more to learn.


Mother of two

I was so amazed with my experience. Totally surprised and healing. Thank you for being so professional and confident with what you do. Your ability to handle all that was thrown at you was handled with such compassion, understanding, and true ability. Amazing.


Student 23

I’ve never felt anything like it.  A lot more confidence in myself and heaps less negative self talk